About Us

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Here at The Feline Fancier we are pet lovers, and felines are at the top of our hearts for everyone here at The Feline Fancier.  Like you, we have loved cats all our lives.  And, well bred pedigreed cats are even more amazing because breeding and testing registered cats keeps the personality and characteristics of each breed special.  We wanted to find a way to support not only the pet home feline fancier, but also the hard working and ethical breeders who provide these amazing fur babies for us to love.  We hope you find our site fun, educational, and also helpful in your love and care for the amazing felines of the world.

Our story

I will speak for everyone here because I was the one who thought about creating this site.  From first hand knowledge, I was disheartened that there are other sites out there, that are owned and run by people who really do not know much about pure bred cats, but pretend they do.  Having no vet experience and having never taken on the labor of love of breeding real living animals, they only have information they have read on the internet, or heard through the grapevine.  In doing so, they have put out a lot of miss information, and this is not only hurtful to the unknowing pet buyer, but it is also harmful to the breeders who have much of their time, love, and money poured into the care and raising their cats and kittens for others to love.   Not to mention the negativity and slander that is allowed on some of these sites.  We do NOT want that and will NOT allow that here on our site.  Of course we want only reputable breeders available for you to contact and work with.   Therefore we have a  principled requirement agreement for all listed breeders to qualify to before advertising.   Of course we also want to hear from you if you have a concern about one of our listing breeders.  If you run into a concern please contact us directly and we will be happy to investigate.  Our website is for positive, fun interaction and we certainly hope you will share your funny cat tales with us on our blog.